We have joined TÜV AUSTRIA Group and Applied Statistics is getting a new name: DATA INTELLIGENCE. We will continue to support customers and partners by building analytics software and AI solutions. We also support AI testing and certification.
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We develop customized AI solutions and data analytics software to enhance
your decision-making capabilities and improve your digital process efficiency.


Using digital technologies and AI, we turn your data into business value. 

We provide customized solutions, making your processes more efficient, supporting your decisions with the best available knowledge and predictions, or improving your product quality.
We believe that enterprises of all sizes and markets can transform and simplify existing structures with the help of data engineering, data science and machine learning. Our solutions are designed to scale to big data.

Data Lake & Data Warehouse

  • - Data wrangling & ETL -
  • - DataOps & data engineering -
  • - Data quality assurance -

BI & decision support

  • - Dashboarding & ad-hoc reporting -
  • - CRM analytics-
  • - Demand predictions -

Predictive maintenance

  • - Condition monitoring -
  • - Failure analytics & prediction -
  • - Maintenance optimisation -

Optimization of production

  • - Production surveillance -
  • - Yield maximisation -
  • - Product quality prediction -

Statistical empowerment

  • - Data mining -
  • - Survey analysis -
  • - Fraud detection -

Software solutions

  • - Automated decision support -
  • - Reduction of manual operations -
  • - Data stream monitoring -


Successful digitalization accelerates productivity, performance and thereby your company’s growth.
We are here to support your company in achieving these goals. Together we will tackle complex challenges and solve them in a cost-efficient manner. Our mission is to offer each of our clients the best and most reliable solutions possible, based on state-of-the-art methods and technologies.
We strive for excellence.


Following our core values "Understand, Analyse, Implement", we create innovative solutions together with our clients.


We understand the needs and challenges of our clients and build suitable data-driven solutions

Together with our customers’ domain experts we form a powerful team in order to create customized and accurate applications.


We will work hand in hand with your business experts to solve your problems. We will gather the “right” data. We will explore data trends, extract new features and lastly build predictive models that deliver new business value for you. For us feedback from our clients is an essential component of the analysis phase.

Due to our close cooperation with universities we use cutting-edge techniques that combine statistical and mathematical conclusions with modern machine learning algorithms.


Creating models is only half the battle. We follow a flexible and iterative development process to integrate our models and insights into our customers’ productive environments.

Through cooperation with R&D institutes and technology partners we can provide all-encompassing solutions from data collection via sensor arrays to fully automated decision support.

We focus on accessible, intuitive, and comfortable interfaces and applications that visualize important results in interactive dashboards.


We have provided business solutions for a range of clients, including:

Our Team

Our interdisciplinary team is comprised of a group of highly-qualified statisticians, mathematicians and computer scientists. We are active participants in the scientific community to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and discoveries in the field of data engineering and data science.

Dr. Thomas Ortner

Managing Partner

Dr. Irene Ortner

Head of
statistical learning

Georg Foto

Dr. Georg Droschl

Head of
Digital Business & Analytics

Dr. Natalie Vollert

Lead Data Scientist

Prof. Dr. Peter Filzmoser



DI Andreas Blatt

Data Scientist

Viraj Sonagara, MCA

Full Stack


Dr. Sarka Grubner

Data Scientist

Janine Gogan



DI Florian

Data Scientist

Florian Conrad, MSc

Data Scientist

Barbara Brune, MSc


Xaver Foto cropped

Mag. Xaver-Paul Stadlbauer


tanja bild cropped

DI Tanja Maier


OUR longterm PARTNErships

connects highly qualified consultants with companies for external support.

supports you in creating your digital strategy from ideation to employee coaching.

15 years of experience in supporting company operations with IT solutions.


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